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Collaboration / Need help?

2014-09-23 16:44:21 by ThatGoatface

So basically if anyone is wanting any help or has any cool ideas that they'd like to work together on I'd love to hear from you (give me a pm), depending on my own personal projects or whether I like what you're pitching, I'd love to pitch in. And if you need help I can try my hand at backgrounds, animation, colouring etc, if I can't manage what you're asking I'll say no, but I like to think I'm open minded so feel free to ask ;)



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2014-09-23 22:51:08

Dont really need help, but still good luck to your.. helping people. :3

ThatGoatface responds:

:) Thanks.


2014-09-24 23:39:54

I imagine it's very different to ask an animator to draw and animate a video then it would be to ask a musician to write the music for the video.

ThatGoatface responds:



2014-09-25 04:53:21

Scratch that previous comment, I can't delete it it seems.

ThatGoatface responds:

That's fine, but what do you mean it's unfair?


2014-09-25 06:25:52

No worries man, it wasn't about you it was about the value of the fine arts (music, animation, writing).

ThatGoatface responds:

Ah ok :)