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Looking for a voice actor

2014-11-02 10:14:04 by ThatGoatface

Alright guys, I'm looking for a voice actor to play a small role in an upcoming short animation I'm planning on doing, there's no real defined role as of yet other than I'm wanting 'Male, over 20?, might have to do something shouty', it would also be beneficial if you could produce some kind of guttural, slurping, licking sounds of sorts (it's nothing perverted I swear) other than that I'd really just want you guys to surprise me. (I'd also be willing to have separate people for the noises and the vocals if it makes it easier).

     So if anyone is interested please send me examples of your voice, or other voicework you've done and that would be great. I might not need you for a while as I sort everything out, but if I like what I hear I'll message you back.

     Even if you're skeptical about whether you'd fit the roll, just send something and I will listen to it. You never know ^^



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2014-11-02 12:37:00

Hey ThatGoatface, I am a voice actor and I like to yell. Here are some links to my work
My most recent project

My Character reel

Have a good day.


2014-11-02 17:14:53

hello, i am a voice actor.

also i did this, and its not my best work...


but seriously, if you ask me what type/style of voice you want, i might be able to do soemthing cool.
or decent.

please tell me your opinion or anything if you want,


2014-11-03 06:06:48

you looking for a comical cartoonish voice? or something more serious? i can do shouting and guttural lol but i need to know what it is your looking for.

ThatGoatface responds:

It's probably leaning towards something akin to a more generic voice, it's not fantasy or anything like that, it only takes place in a restaurant. And with the sound effects I'm still unsure whether I'll be using them in the final production but just imagine some obnoxious sounds of people eating, drinking etc and just exaggerate them a little bit.


2014-11-03 06:51:34

I'm not creative enough to make a voice reel, do you have any suggestions?